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This course is the first of a series of three in the Leadership Training Programme for Principals.  These are distinct but interconnected training courses based on international schools’ key pillars.


The Leadership Training Programme for Principals is meticulously designed for current and aspiring principals of international schools, as well as middle leaders aiming to enhance their leadership capabilities within educational institutions.

Crafted by seasoned educators and leadership experts, this series offers a comprehensive exploration   of critical leadership domains, finely tuned to meet   the dynamic demands of modern education.


Course 1

Leadership Training Certificate


*The three courses can be taken individually or in a series of three, with different certification modalities. Upon successful completion of each course, participants will receive individual certificates. 


Conrad Hughes
Estelle Baroung Hughes

Conrad Hughes and Estelle Baroung Hughes stand as exemplary figures in contemporary education, united by their unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments and empowering educators worldwide.

Estelle’s dynamic leadership at the International School of Dakar complements Conrad’s global influence as a Director General and esteemed scholar, collectively shaping educational practices with a focus on inclusivity and academic excellence. Together, their collaborative efforts epitomize a shared vision for transformative education that transcends borders and empowers individuals and communities to thrive in a diverse and evolving world.

Leading in the 21st Century“: a transformative program designed to equip school leaders with essential skills for navigating the complex educational landscape of today. Over five days, participants will delve into key topics such as leadership models, inclusive practices, strategic planning, effective communication, and assessment literacy. Join us on this dynamic journey of professional growth and leadership excellence in the 21st century. 

School Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders of international schools.

Group sizes are limited to 25 participants to ensure maximum effectiveness and learning outcomes.

Each course is four and a half days, long, Monday to Friday at 13:00.

Course 1 – Leading in the 21st century:

Training July 1st-5th with Facilitators

  • Sessions from 9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Thursday
  • Friday from 9:00-13:00 assessment session

Learning Goals: 

  1. Understanding Leadership Models: Participants will explore various models of leadership and different types of leaders to develop a nuanced understanding of effective leadership approaches. 
  1. Inclusive Leadership: Participants will learn principles of inclusive leadership, including strategies for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within educational settings. 
  1. Strategic Planning and Change Leadership: Participants will acquire skills in strategic planning and change leadership to effectively navigate organizational change and drive continuous improvement. 
  1. Effective Communication: Participants will develop communication principles and strategies essential for effective leadership, including clear and empathetic communication techniques. 
  1. Assessment Literacy: Participants will enhance their assessment literacy by understanding frameworks, systems, and processes for comprehensive assessment practices, including both internal and external assessments. 
  1. Coaching and Teaming Skills: Participants will learn principles of coaching and team dynamics to effectively coach individuals and teams towards achieving organizational goals. 
  1. Reflective Practice: Participants will engage in reflective exercises to critically reflect on their leadership practices, identify areas for growth, and develop strategies for continuous professional development. 

These learning goals encompass the key topics and activities covered throughout the workshop, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of leadership and assessment practices in education. 

Registrations are open all year 

Course 1 – Leading in the 21st century:

1 500 euros

Participants can choose individual courses based on their specific professional development needs or opt to complete the entire series.

Upon successful completion of each course, participants will receive individual certificates.

Completion of all three courses qualifies participants for the Principal Training Certificate.

Course 1 – Leading in the 21st century:

Participants seeking an “Educational leadership training: Leading in the 21st Century” certificate are required to complete the final talks with the facilitators on Friday 5th in the morning.

  • Participation in sessions (40%)
  • Written report or oral presentation during the final task on Friday 5th in the morning with the facilitators (60%)
  • No numeral grade will be awarded; only pass or fail conditions.

After the assessment session on Friday morning, Veritas Education grants successful participants a “Educational leadership training: Leading in the 21st Century”.