Advancing Sustainability in Education – Seminar

  • From Wednesday 14:30 to Friday 13:30
  • Lisbon
  • On site seminar
  • 23-25 November 2022
Advancing Sustainability in Education – Seminar

Sustainability has become an overarching priority in a world marked by ever-accelerating, exponential change. Notwithstanding the current focus on its environmental dimension, its scope extends far beyond the latter and is best described as the ability to steer change in such way that it leads to viable futures in all their dimensions – environmental, economic, social and cultural.

In this sense, sustainability cannot but be a top priority in every educators agenda, whatever their role and responsibility.

This seminar will give school leaders and other top-level educators an opportunity to debate educational strategies and share experiences on how to advance sustainability from both a curricular and a co curricular perspective, and to benefit from the insights of renowned international experts in this field.

Participants may expect to leave the seminar with a roadmap for developing an educational strategy on sustainability as well as with practical ideas for immediate implementation.

From an educational standpoint, the seminar will examine the possibilities and implications of sustainability in a holistic, integrated approach convering the following three domains:

  1. Sustainable education – placing the focus on curriculum development.
  2. Educating for a sustainable life – through the development of beliefs, values and attitudes.
  3. Sustainable educational environments – consistent with the two previous domains and integral to their goals, including environmental concerns regarding school premises and grounds but also other topics such as wellbeing as an attribute of health, the continuity of student inflow, staff development, retention, renewal and long-term stability, relationships with the community, and any other important elements for strategic formulation,

Day 1 – 23rd November (PM only)

Opening and welcome address

I. What do we mean by ‘sustainability’ (scope, mindset, challenges, trends)?

  • What are the main challenges facing schools?
  • What must be changed to meet those challenges?
  • How can schools reconcile the educational and operational dimensions of sustainability?
  • What are your school’s main strengths and assets?

Day 2 – 24th November (AM+PM)

II. Educating the future generation of Changemakers

  • What key attributes (knowledge, abilities, mindset…) must be developed to successfully advance sustainability through education?
  • What changes and adjustments should be made to the education system to this effect?
  • Are we using the right educational model? Evaluation model? Professional development model?
  • How can schools better interact with their other stakeholders?
  • Practical cases on where to start

III. Revisiting the educational programme towards sustainability

  • What should we change in the current portfolio to leverage the sustainability agenda as developed in the previous sessions?
  • How can we bring about such changes in both the curricular and co-curricular domains?
  • Practical examples on where to start

Social evening

Day 3 – 25th November (AM only)

IV. Leading educational organisations on a path to sustainability and prosperity

  • How do we achieve organisational consistency and ‘walk the talk’?
  • How do we turn educational organisations into ‘sustainable agents of sustainability’?
  • Nova SBE case study
  • Present achievements shared by attending schools

V. The way forward

  • Individual action points / transformation roadmaps
  • Where do we go from here? A follow-up, research and exchange agenda

Closing session

This seminar is not a series of presentations about sustainability in education. It intends to be an opportunity for discussion, sharing and collective research in which participants have a very active participation and make a contribution compatible with the seniority of their positions.

The programme consists of a succession of interactive sessions along a path going from the diagnosis of key issues to the discussion of possible strategies and the selection of the most promising among them, taking into account the circumstances of each individual school.

Each programme block includes a joint session with an input on the main topic, followed by several break-out sessions dedicated to exploring its different facets and a joint debriefing at the end.

This seminar was designed jointly by Veritas International Training Center and Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and benefits from the experience and expertise accumulated by the latter in the field of education for sustainability, as well as the involvement of some of its faculty as session facilitators together with several other speakers internationally renowned for their track record in this field.

Diana Conde Moure

Diana is The Earth Foundation Head of Communications & Operations. She holds a master’s degree in Comparative International Education from the University of Oslo, Norway. Her experience includes working and volunteering for numerous organizations in the nonprofit, government, academic, and legal sectors. Passionate about education, Diana brings her knowledge and expertise in the field to help the Foundation in its strategic development.

Elly Tobin

Elly is a respected workshop presenter and keynote speaker at conferences around the world. She has over three decades of experience as a senior leader in international and UK national institutions. She worked for over 25 years in international education and from 2008 was Principal of a large pre-university college in Birmingham, UK as well as the Director of the College for International Citizenship offering short programmes in global studies and international relations. She has also worked with WASC and CIS accreditation teams and has inspected schools at all levels and has also led intuitions through these processes as well as UK Ofsted inspections.
Elly presently works as a senior consultant operating worldwide in delivering training for teachers and managers in Leadership and Management. She is also developing programmes for wider student engagement to promote confidence and leadership skills.
Elly writes children stories as a hobby and she was awarded the OBE for her services to education and young people as well as an honorary doctorate from Aston University UK.

Kevin Bartlett

Kevin is a regular author of articles on a range of topics, a keynoter/workshop leader at multiple international and national conferences, and on-site consultant on a wide range of topics. He is the co-founder of “The Next Frontier: Inclusion” and “The Common Ground Initiative”, two pioneering global educational initatives.
Kevin has held leadership positions in the UK, Tanzania, Namibia, Austria and Belgium, where he was most recently Director of the International School of Brussels from 2001-2015.
Kevin has co-designed accreditation systems for the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEAS&C) and is currently engaged with a small team developing ACE, an innovative new accreditation protocol for NEAS&C.
Kevin is a writer and trainer in the field of curriculum design and leadership for learning for the Principals’ Training Center. As a curriculum designer he was the initiator and early leader of the IB Primary Years Programme.

Luís Veiga Martins

Luís is Chief Sustainability Officer and Associate Dean for Community Engagement & Sustainable Impact at Nova School of Business and Economics, where he also teaches as Adjunct Assistant Professor. He is also the Chair of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Chapter Iberia.
Luís has a distinguished career in areas related to Sustainability, Circular Economy and Bioeconomy, including appointements as as Managing Director at CELPA – Paper Industry Portuguese Association and at Sociedade Ponto Verde (SPV), the Portuguese national entity handling packaging waste recovery and recycling.
Luís keeps an external consultant activity providing service to both Public and Private entities in Portugal and abroad.

Miguel Alves Martins

Miguel is currently the executive director of the Social Impact Center at Nova School of Business and Economics  and is also Adjunct Assistant Professor at Nova SBE where he teaches Social Entrepreneurship and Management of Nonprofits.
Miguel was co-founder and executive director of IES-Social Business School in Portugal and also director for Ashoka Portugal. Before founding IES-SBS, Miguel worked in the private sector, with experience namely in telecom, tourism, and CSR. Nevertheless, since 2007 he hasdedicated his efforts to develop the social entrepreneurship ecosystem inPortugal and Portuguese-speaking countries.
He is in the advisoryboard of several non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship startups.

Peter Milne

With over 25 years of experience as a teacher, trainer and consultant with an in-depth knowledge of Education for Sustainability Development and Global Citizenship, Peter is the Founder and Director of Target4Green, an educational consultancy and training company supporting schools across the world in their Sustainability Education and Global Citizenship initiatives.
Peter is also an organiser and facilitator of the Beyond COP21 Symposium Series.

The seminar will take place in Lisbon, in Universidade Nova Campus.

2nd November 2022

650 €

The registration fee includes lunches on Thursday 23rd and Friday 25th November and a social evening on Thursday.

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