Advancing Sustainability in Education

  • 14:30 - 16:30 CET
  • Online Event
  • 18th and 19th May
Advancing Sustainability in Education

In a world marked by ever-accelerating, exponential change, sustainability has become a universal concern and a top priority in every educator’s agenda.

Join us in these 2 x 2 one-hour sessions on the multiple challenges and opportunities of fully integrating sustainability in both the educational programme and school operations.

These are the first of a series of events dedicated to sustainability in education.

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    DAY ONE – Thursday 18th May

    Ricardo Zózimo 2

    Ricardo Zózimo, Nova SBE

    14:30 – 15:30 CET

    What do we mean by ‘sustainability in education’?

    • What are the main challenges facing schools?
    • What must be changed to meet those challenges?
    • How can schools reconcile the educational and operational dimensions of sustainability?
    • What are your school’s main strengths and assets?

    15:30 – 16:30 CET

    Educating the future generation of changemakers

    • What key attributes (knowledge, abilities, mindset…) must be developed to successfully advance sustainability through education?
    • What changes and adjustments should be made to the education system to this effect?
    • Are we using the right educational model? Evaluation model? Professional development model?
    • How can schools better interact with their other stakeholders?

    Peter Milne, Target4Green

    DAY TWO – Friday 19th May


    Peter Milne, Target4Green

    14:30 – 15:30 CET

    How can schools turn eco-anxiety into climate action?

    • What is eco-anxiety and how do we raise more awareness of it?
    • What are some different ways to cope with eco-anxiety?
    • How can we turn this anxiety into positive action?
    • What role must schools play?

    15:30 – 16:30 CET

    Leading educational organisations on a path to sustainability and prosperity

    • How do we achieve organisational consistency and ‘walk the talk’?
    • How do we turn educational organisations into ‘sustainable agents of sustainability’?
    • Nova SBE case study

    Luís Veiga Martins, Nova SBE


    Veritas ITC’s point of view: A multidimensional approach to sustainability

    Sustainability has become an overarching priority in a world marked by ever-accelerating, exponential change. Notwithstanding the current focus on its environmental dimension, its scope extends far beyond the latter and is best described as the ability to steer change in such way that it leads to viable futures in all their dimensions – environmental, economic, social and cultural. Educating for sustainability demands a holistic, comprehensive approach integrating the following four dimensions:
    • Sustainable education – placing the focus on curriculum development.
    • Educating for a sustainable life – through the development of beliefs, values and attitudes.
    • Sustainable educational environments – consistent with the two previous domains and integral to their goals, including environmental concerns regarding school premises and grounds but also other topics such as wellbeing as an attribute of health, the continuity of student inflow, staff development, retention, renewal and long-term stability, relationships with the community, and any other important elements for strategic formulation,
    • Last but not least, a global outlook – emphasising the interdependence of sustainability’s drivers and constraints and championing worlwide cooperation.

    A forum for international schools

    Sustainability must be a top priority in every educators agenda, whatever their role and responsibility. International schools bear a special responsibility thanks to their unique position and capabilities concerning the importance of a global perspective.

    Veritas International Training Center wants to support the international educational community by offering a platform for discussion, exchange, mutual learning and goal setting leading to pivotal outcomes in advancing sustainability in education.

    A preliminary step

    This online event is an introduction to the first of a series of events dedicated to the sustainability in education agenda: a residential workshop on the same subject taking place in Lisbon in 28th and 29th  September.

    The four sessions were planned to introduce some of the issues that will be discussed in that workshop and to identify the challenges and opportunities that must be addressed, rather than provide quick answers.

    A residential workshop in 28th and 29th September

    This workshop’s primary goal is to offer school leaders and other top-level educators an opportunity to actively participate in a debate on how to advance sustainability from both a curricular and a co-curricular perspective.

    Participants will be expected to share experiences and to put forward their own ideas and suggestions, while still having the benefit from the insights of renowned international experts in this field.

    Our goal is that they leave the workshop with a roadmap for developing an educational strategy on sustainability as well as with practical ideas for immediate implementation.

    Speakers Team


    Nova SBE

    Luís is Chief Sustainability Officer and Associate Dean for Community Engagement & Sustainable Impact at Nova School of Business and Economics, where he also teaches as Adjunct Assistant Professor. He is also the Chair of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Chapter Iberia.

    Luís has a distinguished career in areas related to Sustainability, Circular Economy and Bioeconomy, including appointements as as Managing Director at CELPA – Paper Industry Portuguese Association and at Sociedade Ponto Verde (SPV), the Portuguese national entity handling packaging waste recovery and recycling.

    Luís keeps an external consultant activity providing service to both Public and Private entities in Portugal and abroad.



    With over 25 years of experience as a teacher, trainer and consultant with an in-depth knowledge of Education for Sustainability Development and Global Citizenship, Peter is the Founder and Director of Target4Green, an educational consultancy and training company supporting schools across the world in their Sustainability Education and Global Citizenship initiatives.

    Peter is also an organiser and facilitator of the Beyond COP21 Symposium Series.


    Nova SBE

    Rircardo is an Assistant Professor of Management at Nova Nova School of Business and Economics. In his academic activity he focuses on understanding how organizations handle the connection between managing profitable businesses and fostering sustainable development, with a particular interest in the key processes whereby for-profit organisations can create a positive impact on society.

    Ricardo was previously a professor and researcher at Lancaster University, where he received the Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience award for the first time. He also worked in the public and private sector and also in NGOs in 5 different countries, and remains an active mentor to social and commercial entrepreneurs around the world.