Câmara Municipal de Cascais

Veritas International Training Center is located in the Cascais municipality, a seaside town in the Lisbon metropolitan area some 25 km to the west of downtown Lisbon, in what is known as the Portuguese Riviera or the Estoril Coast – an important tourist destination steeped in history and renown for being a safe haven for European royalty, a transit area for passing refugees and a notorious hub for spies of all sides during WWII.

In addition to remaining an important tourist destination that attracts more than 1.2 million visitors every year, Cascais hosts a thriving cosmopolitan community and a vibrant business and educational ecosystem, and has joined the league of Europe’s “smartest cities” thanks to the wide array of technology-based improvements – ranging from mobility and transportation to sanitation and energy efficiency – carried out by the City Council over the past few years.

All this is turning Cascais into a magnet for the young, urban “creative class”.

Cascais City Council is particularly active in the educational scene, and was able to attract world-class players like Nova School of Business and Economics (the top ranking Portuguese university in the fields of economics and management) and NATO Higher Technology School.

The Council has been a keen supporter of the various international schools that cater for the foreign community living in the whole metropolitan area as well as for Portuguese young people, and Veritas International Training Center is proud to count with its sponsorship.