Leaders Who Coach – Coaches Who Lead

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  • Lisbon or online
  • On site workshop or distance learning programme
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Leaders Who Coach – Coaches Who Lead

School leaders wear many hats, but being effective Leaders of Learning is what engages us most in the real business of schools: lifelong learning.

“Leading as a Coach” focuses on this role by emphasizing the connection between teacher learning with student learning through metacognition and encouraging educators to reflect on their actions and the beliefs that drive them. The workshop’s theoretical framework, Cognitive Coaching, offers a model of professional coaching designed by educators, for educators, that places self-directedness and understanding the cognitive complexity of being and educator on the centre stage.

You want the teachers in your care to become the best they can be in their work with students. You are wary of top-down solutions and believe that helping them become more self-aware and self-directed is a much better route to that goal. You want to be present, attentive, open-minded and non-judgemental when appreciating their individual styles, beliefs, values and approaches to teaching and learning and encouraging them to reflect on those.
This workshop will take you through the most valuable skills of Cognitive Coaching to help you lead all members of your school community towards educational success, satisfaction and personal growth.

At the end of this programme, you will have developed your coaching skills and experimented with some of the most effective tools and techniques that make coaching impactful and mutually beneficial.

Basic Principles

  • Background and purposes of Cognitive Coaching
  • How coaching educators is a unique opportunity
  • Building relationships through coaching
  • What a coach is and what a coach is not

Coaching Tools and Techniques

  • Building rapport
  • Types of Coaching Conversations
  • Active listening & paraphrasing
  • Clarifying Questions
  • Identifying Strengths
  • Assessing Cognitive Styles
  • Demonstration, application, reflection, questioning, improvement, application…
  • Experimenting with and mastering different facilitation tools and techniques

Planning for continuous development

  • Goal setting: KASABs – going from general and aspirational to specific and skills based
  • Planning for site-based coaching application from a strengths-based mindset

This workshop is based on an dynamic and interactive approach, challenging us to take steps together to develop our practice as school leaders through a commitment to reflective practice and caring about each other’s success.

This is a 12 hour on-site workshop delivered in 2 consecutive days (09:00 to16:30) combining synchronous and asynchronous coursework.

Part 1 – Foundations and introductions

Participants are asked to watch an introductory video, complete a background questionnaire, describe what they currently understand of the nature and benefits of coaching in education and craft a Professional BIO statement, describing the type of coach they aspire to become.

Part 2 – Core programme (onsite)

The Cognitive Coaching approach will be deconstructed, experienced, analysed, personalised and reflected upon. Participants will view demonstrations of aspects of Cognitive Coaching, discuss their observations, share their feelings, record their questions and practice focus techniques and coaching strategies in live situations.

Extended Learning Tasks will be shared for school-based application, practice and reflection between each live session.

Natalie Croome is an international educator, professional learning designer and facilitator who helps teams of educators design their professional learning journeys through a data-driven, evidence-based, solution-focused and learner-centred approach.

Her favourite areas include transdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, ethics, teacher identity and integrity, cognitive coaching, collaborative inquiry and wellbeing.

Natalie has over 26 years of experience as a teacher and teacher trainer in Australia, Germany, Tanzania, the Czech Republic and Qatar (having worked for three years in Doha as a full time Teacher Trainer for the EDI – Education Development Initiative).

She is a certified Cognitive Coach (Level 2).

On site workshops will be held in Lisbon or Cascais (Greater Lisbon Area), Portugal.
The exact location, as well as accommodation options, will be announced in due course.

650 € per participant, inclusive of materials in soft copy and certificate.

Dates for the 2022-2023 school year will be announced shortly.

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