Search Inside Yourself – webinar

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Search Inside Yourself – webinar

Building Emotional Intelligence skills to navigate the challenges of education

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This one-hour webinar will present the key elements of Emotional Intelligence – the ability to understand and skilfully manage emotions and relationships – along with a preview of the online workshop “Search Inside Yourself” (starting on January 27, 2022).

Rita Cabaço, the workshop facilitator, will explain how Emotional Intelligence skills can help teachers:

  • constructively manage their relationships with both young people and other adults
  • be authentic and empathetic
  • become more resilient
  • align their values with their work

Based on Daniel Coleman’s seminal research on Emotional Intelligence

A certified programme developed and tested at Google with the support of leading experts in neuroscience and delivered by facilitators accredited by the SIY Leadership Institute, an independent non-profit organization.


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