Striving for excellence in student achievement

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  • Lisbon or online
  • On site workshop or distance learning programme
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Striving for excellence in student achievement

In this workshop you will look in more depth at the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in your team and your responsibility and skills as leader in striving for excellent team performance.  All schools will seek accreditation or be inspected by a national programme at some point and your success will depend on demonstrating good teaching and high student achievement at all levels.

Achieving success will require an understanding of how to get the very best out of your team while encouraging genuine enthusiasm and pride in working together for the benefit of the students and the institution.

As a leader you will want to get the very best out of your team to maintain the success of the institution as you engage your colleagues in a positive and collaborative way.  You will want to keep teams happy, enthusiastic and working with a high degree of professional pride while also enabling them to develop their own leadership skill.  This will be is important for their personal progression as much as for the institution and the success of students at all levels.  Making sure everyone is working towards the same goals will be vital for the success of all.

You will assess the purpose, the delivery and the impact of your team. You will investigate the vision and values of your institution at team and organisational level. You will dig deep into the leadership and management of the team and ask how effectively it is working to secure optimum student success. Analysis of pedagogy and assessment methodology in the team and how it fits into the institutions’ overall strategy will form the basis of your curriculum strategy which you will develop in preparation for accreditation.

How well do you know your team?

How are you are managing, supporting and developing them?

Investigating and analysing your curriculum strategy.

Sharing teaching strategies in your team.

Creating team focus.

Measuring the impact on students of your teaching, learning and assessment methods.

How much your team is developing long term memory recall in students?

Optimising preparation for accreditation or inspection with minimal stress to teams.

This is a dynamic and interactive workshop, with opportunities to share, discuss and develop specific approaches to the different topics and to adapt them to the participants’ distinct reality.

This is a distance learning workshop delivered in 6 x 2:00 hour sessions combining synchronous and asynchronous coursework.

Elly Tobin has over three decades of experience as a senior leader in international and UK national institutions. She worked for over 25 years in international education and from 2008 was Principal of a large pre-university college in Birmingham, UK as well as the Director of the College for International Citizenship offering short programmes in global studies and international relations. She has worked with A level, Btech, AP and IB programmes and is familiar with the examination processes of those programmes.  She has also worked with WASC and CIS accreditation teams and has inspected schools at all levels and has also led intuitions through these processes as well as UK Ofsted inspections.

Since stepping down as Principal of the main college she has been working as a senior consultant for Consilium Education operating worldwide in delivering training for teachers and managers in Leadership and Management, EAL and school start-ups in a variety of global locations and on-line. She is also developing programmes for wider student engagement to promote confidence and leadership skills.   Elly is a respected workshop presenter and keynote speaker at conferences around the world. She writes children stories as a hobby and is currently living in Birmingham UK.  Elly was awarded the OBE for her services to education and young people as well as an honorary doctorate from Aston University UK.

On site workshops will be held in Lisbon or Cascais (Greater Lisbon Area), Portugal.
The exact location, as well as accommodation options, will be announced in due course.

650 € per participant, inclusive of materials in soft copy and certificate.

Dates for the 2022-2023 school year will be announced shortly.

This workshop may be taken as an independent stand-alone module
or as the second in the series of leadership modules,
after the “Building and Leading Teams” and before the “Managing Performance and Raising Standards” workshops.

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