Only 38% of the 8,550 corporations scored in the MSCI All Country World Index are aligned with the UN SDGs, while almost 55% are misaligned or neutral – and just 0.2% are strongly aligned. Educational companies lead in the Gender Equality goal, but only 8 companies in the whole Index – a dismal 0.09% – strongly align with Quality Education.

Put forward by the United Nations in 2012 and adopted by 193 countries worldwide, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are designed to achieve a more sustainable future by 2030. There is a total of 17 SDGs structured around three primary objectives:

  • Protect the planet
  • End poverty
  • Create prosperity and peace for all

Attaining these objectives demands a global effort that goes far beyond international agencies and national and local governments and must engage every individual and every organisation in the planet.

Corporations, in particular, are feeling increasing pressure from conscious stakeholders to allocate their vast resources to the advancement of this programme. MSCI – an American finance company that offers advice on investment opportunities – developed a method to score corporations by their positive or negative contribution to each of the 17 goals.

The attached infographic shows how 8,550 corporations worldwide stack up against each SDG. More detailed information can be found in this article by Visual Capitalist.