Photo by Go Vilnius

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has launched “Vilnius is a School” – an innovative education project combining classroom-based and remote learning with classes in public and business spaces throughout the city.

The project primarily addresses primary and secondary education and combines traditional classes within schools with remote learning and learning activities in museums, parks, libraries and other public spaces as well as in business facilities. A dedicated digital platform allows teachers to book a specific space, select a lesson from a catalogue or upload their own and share it with others.

Local corporations teamed up with the city and seized the opportunity to teach business-related subjects in addition to the traditional curriculum subjects taught in schools, offering students the benefit of real-world know-how and workplace skills.

The “Vilnius is a School” project is already in full swing, but it still aims to expand and have 10% of classes taught outside school premises within three years.

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