Despite the disruptive impact that technology has had in almost every aspect of our lives, education remained in general surprisingly oblivious to technology-driven change. At least, until Covid-19 struck and made schools and teachers scramble for stopgaps that would help them extend a lifeline to their students.

This article and accompanying infographic, originally published on the Best Education Degrees website under the title ‘Re-Imagining Schools’, attempt to go way beyond emergency quick fixes and explore the myriad ways digital technologies such as interactive video, video-enabled flipped classrooms, learning analytics or A.I. assisted chatbots can contribute to more effective, student-centric, personalised learning.

Forced to learn quickly, many educators are beginning to realise this vast potential and to embrace the best that digital technologies can offer to educating a generation who will live and thrive in a future where the former will be ubiquitous.

Without ever forgetting that students, rather than technology, must be the focus of their endeavours.